Tips to learn English easily there are some idioms you need to know carefully…

💥bitch up : to ruin or spoil; to frustrate.

☑️: plain-speaking, outspoken.

💥get burned up
☑️: to become exhausted through physical exertion.

☑️: like for like; similar to tit-for tat.

💥That’s chalk
☑️: that’s inevitable; a foregone conclusion; slang for that’s great.

💥cheek somebody up
☑️: to be impertinent to somebody.

💥clap somebody up
☑️: to applaud somebody; similar to applaud to the echo.

💥cold in the arm, leg
☑️: an inflammation of the arm or leg.

💥curry-favor someone
☑️: give somebody an unfair advantage because of personal connections; curry somebody’s favor.

💥cut-up with someone
☑️: to flirt.

💥cut your grass
☑️: to usurp someone else’s prerogative or exclusive right or privilege.

💥decide your mind
☑️: to make a decision.

💥what the diggins
☑️: an exclamation of surprise.

💥dive up
☑️: to dive into the water and bring something up.

💥doggy after someone
☑️: to follow someone about constantly.

💥don ‘t-care-‘f-I
☑️: not caring, especially about social norms.

💥draw hand
☑️: to make a leading or beckoning gesture.

💥eat off someone
☑️: to eat at someone else’s expense.

💥fowled of doing something
☑️: engaged in doing something.

💥pick up gap seed
☑️: to gather information for gossip.

💥grind somebody up in your heart
☑️: to bear a grudge against somebody.

💥in quest
☑️: to admit defeat in playing cards or marbles.

💥keep somebody hot
☑️: to be at a person’s heels, getting in his/her way.

💥land somebody off
☑️.” to drop someone off from a car or boat.

💥lay on your chest/stomach
☑️: to cause indigestion or nightmares (of food eaten late at night).

💥make him know
☑️: to scold or punish.

💥make your break
☑️: to seize an opportunity to do what one has been wanting to do.

💥mix fool with sense
☑️: to attempt to deceive someone by interspersing lies with the truth.

💥one mind tell me
☑️: To have a vague contradictory feeling (that something would happen, etc.).

💥own something to somebody
☑️: to confess something to somebody.

💥pick somebody’s mouth
☑️: to get information by engaging in seemingly casual conversation.

💥pick up for somebody
☑️: to take somebody’s side of the argument.

💥pitch a stink
☑️: to object vehemently, cause a commotion.

💥poke death with a stick
☑️: to court danger, to tempt fate.

💥rap someone up
☑️: to applaud someone, especially for a generous donation to a church.

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