⚜ Fewer Vs. Less ⚜

Fewer and Less are both used for comparison; However, they’re used differently.


Fewer is used with countable nouns (such as friends, books, shelves)

🔔 Example 🔔

➕ There are fewer books on the shelf now.
➖Eat fewer candies please.

🔆 LESS 🔆

Less, on the other hand, is used with uncountable nouns (Like bread, money, water)

🔔 Example 🔔

➕ I have less money than you.
➖You should spend less time playing around.


Less is used with uncountable and Fewer is used with countable nouns; However, less could also be used with countable nouns ONLY WHEN the noun refers to some sort of a distance, amount or time.

🔔 Example 🔔

➕Less than two weeks
➖Less than two miles
➕Less than three grams.

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