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❓ what’s the difference between bad and badly??

🔻🔺Bad vs. Badly🔺🔻


🔴The adverb badly is used to tell how something is done.

🔴 The adjective bad is used to refer to health or feelings .

✔️ to complete linking verbs such as :
🔸 seem
🔹 look
🔸 taste
🔹 smell


  1. Our football team played
    (bad ❌, badly✅) last night.

🔅Our football team played badly last night.

  1. John felt
    (bad✅, badly❌) about the loss.

🔅John felt bad about the loss.

3.The medicine doesn’t taste
(bad✅, badly❌).

🔅The medicine doesn’t taste too bad.

  1. Our science project went
    (bad❌, badly✅).

🔅Our science project went badly.

  1. The air in the sewer smelled
    (bad ✅,badly❌ ).

🔅 The air in the sewer smelled bad.

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Grammar lesson # 2

For making a suggestion.

✅Why don’t we +[verb]
📚Why don’t we go for a walk?

📕Let’s +[verb]
✅Let’s go for a walk..

📕How about +[ing]
✅How about going for a walk?

📕What if we +[verb]
✅What if we go for a walk?

📕I think we +[ modal verb ]+[verb ]
✅I think we should go for a walk”.

📕Maybe we + [modal verb ] +verb
✅Maybe we could go for a walk. “

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Grammar lesson #3

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🔉 As VS. Like 🔉

❓What is the difference between As and Like?

As and Like can be very confusing for many English learners. Today, I’m going to explain how they’re different.

🔆 As 🔆

👉 As may function as a preposition and is used when we talk about a job or function.

🔔 Example 🔔

💭 I work as a cook.
💭 He used my pen as a weapon.

👉 As may also be used as a conjunction meaning “In the same way that…”

🔔 Example 🔔

💭 She behaved as her teacher told her.
💭 Walk just as I do.
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🔆 Like 🔆


👉 Like may be used as preposition meaning similar to. It is used to compare things.

🔔 Example 🔔

💭 He worked like a do7g.
💭 She sings just like her mom.

👉 Like is often used in place of the subordinating conjunction “as, or as if”.

🔔 Example 🔔

💭 They look like they’ve been fighting. = They look as if they’ve been fighting.

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Grammar lesson #4

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Used to shows:

🔹 A particular thing that always happened or was true in the past, but it no longer happens or is no longer true now.

🔔 Example 🔔

➕ Mira used to drink coffee everyday.
➖Linda used to read a book.
➕Why don’t you call me like you used to?
◼️⬛️ FORMS OF USED TO ⬛️◼️

◻️ Interrogative
◽️Did you use to exercise regularly?

◽️Yes, I used to jog everyday.

◻️Negative Form
◽️No, I didn’t use to exercise regularly.

🔅Used to, Be used to, Get Used to🔅


‘Used to’ shows that something always happened or was true in the past.

✔️ I used to read a book everyday.

Meaning: I read a book everyday on a regular basis, but now I don’t anymore.
🔺Be used to🔺

‘Be used to’ is used to show that something is quite normal and not unusual.

🔇Tip: Be used to + gerund

✔️ I’m used to living alone.

Meaning: I’ve been living alone for a while now, and it is nothing unusual for me. I’ve gotten familiar with living alone.
🔺Get used to🔺

‘Get used to’ shows that something is in the process of becoming normal.

🔇Tip: Get used to + gerund

✔️ He’ll get used to her death.

Meaning: Her death has not become normal for him yet, but it will.

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Get_usedto #be_usedto

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